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Spandex Yarns

span·dex ('span-,deks)

1.a textile fiber that is made from of stretchy polyurethane.

Suggested Care:

Machine Wash Warm. Lay Flat to Dry. Store your little treasure neatly; after all, it may be a family heirloom.

Search spandex and spandex blend yarns by Cascade Yarns®

Cascade Yarns® - Fixation Spray-Dyed yarn Cascade Yarns® - Fixation Solids yarn Cascade Yarns® - Fixation Splash yarn                
Fixation Spray-Dyed
98.3% Cotton /
1.7% Spandex
Fixation Solids
98.3% Cotton /
1.7% Spandex
Fixation Splash
98% Cotton /
1.7% Spandex

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