Kids Crochet Hooks


Working with yarn can help kids to develop new problem solving skills as well as sparking the imagination. Pony needles are great tools to help the children in your life develop, mature and create a sense of harmony through crafting and fiber arts.

Kids Crochet Hooks and Crochet Tools

Description Length US Size Length US Size
44301 Children’s Crochet Hook G 15 cm (6″) G/6 (4 mm)
44302 Children’s Crochet Hook H 15 cm (6″) H/8 (5 mm)
44303 Children’s Crochet Hook J 15 cm (6″) J/10 (6 mm)
44350 Children’s Crochet Hook Set Assorted G, H, J (4-6 mm)
14026 Plastic Tapestry Needle (3) – – – – – –