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Below are a list of available books at Cascade Yarns® featuring our products. The titles below from Cascade Yarns® are for wholesale customers only. Pattern updates for books below are available via the publishers’ websites, Sixth and Spring and Tuva Publishing in the “For Erratas” links provided.


60 Quick Knits

It’s been over a decade since the Editors of Vogue Knitting curated the first 60 Quick Knits book. The original 60 Quick Knits * 20 Scarves * 20 Mittens In Cascade 220® was released in April 2010. Our first in this series and the first trade book devoted to this wonderful yarn, Cascade 220®.

60 Quick Knits set the standard to create a multi-level knitting book of approachable patterns for beginners to advanced knitters with featured knitting tips. Since then, the 60 Quick Knits collection of books has expanded to 15 titles and continues to grow.

While we do not currently have this title available for wholesale, please browse through the 60 Quick Knit titles that are available to order for your Local Yarn Store/Shop (LYS).

If you have purchased the original 60 Quick Knits * 20 Scarves * 20 Mittens In Cascade 220® and are looking for pattern corrections/ For Erratas, click here to visit the Sixth & Spring website for that information.