A Year of Giving – May – Fixation Picc Line Cover

For May, Carly in our office suggested I make a PICC Line Cover in Fixation Splash. PICC stands for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter – a long IV line that is inserted in the arm and ends in a vein the chest near the heart. These are intended for long-term use for delivering medications, chemotherapy or other IV fluids. The exposed part of the line should be covered when not in use. What is provided to cover the PICC line is usually not very comfortable or durable.
Hand knit covers are a great alternative because they are comfortable and look more like a knit accessory than a medical dressing. Many hospitals will accept these. One organization that is distributing PICC line covers to medical centers for Cystic Fibrosis is The Finding Jenn Project.

Fixation is a DK weight blend of cotton with just a hint of spandex. We chose Fixation Splash because the cotton is breathable and the spandex is stretchy to allow comfortable movement of the elbow.
We will be giving away 3 kits of 2 skeins each (enough to make at least 2 PICC line covers) – 2 through Facebook and 1 here on the Blog. To enter on the Blog, comment with your charity to knit or crochet for. The winner will be selected on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 3 pm PST.


1 ball Fixation Splash (98.3% Cotton/1.7% Spandex) – shown in 105 (Sun Drop)
Yarn Needle (to weave in ends)


K – Knit
P – Purl
Sts – Stitches

Shown in Medium (60 sts) (measures 8″ circumference) to fit 11-12″ bicep
Length – 7.5″ long


Small will fit 9-10″ bicep
Medium will fit 11-12″ bicep
Large will fit 12.5-13.5″ bicep
Can be adjusted in 4 st increments to make larger or smaller

CO 52, 60, 68 sts
Join in round
Round 1 – *[K3, P1] – rep from * to end of round
Round 2 – P1, *[K1, P3] – rep from * to last 3 sts, end K1, P2

Continue until 7, 7,5, 8″ long
Bind off in K3, P1 ribbing
Weave in ends