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Ethel Weinberg
Irene Pechenik Hand Knits Bio:

My love of needle arts began at my mother’s knee and it grew along with the garments I made until time for creativity took a backseat to family life and the workaday world. After 30 years without picking up a needle, my then-15-year-old daughter requested a special Sweet 16 gift (“Mom, you used to knit. Please make me a scarf for my birthday”). I missed knitting!

One scarf led to another. And I started my knitting business, Irene Pechenik Hand Knits (named in honor of my mom, after I inherited her knitting paraphernalia). I showed at craft fairs, was accepted into Brooklyn Artisan’s Gallery, and created accessories for specialty stores. While working on special orders, I derived great satisfaction from creating patterns, and my designing relationship with Cascade Yarns was born.

Many of my patterns are for carry-along projects, created for the subway commuter (myself included). I focus on visually interesting classics with clean lines that are easy to memorize and to pick up and put down. Please check out my Ravelry store for designs and inspiration. 

Cascade 220® Sport
Rachel's Slouchy Foothills Hat DK257

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Cascade 220® Sport
Slip Stitch Cowl DK264

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Eco Alpaca®
Garter-Ridged Cowl W216

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Eco Cloud
1-Skein Neckwarmer W366

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Luna Paints
Slippers/Booties W380

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Diamond Brocade Cowl
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Venezia Sport Multis
Möbius Scarf DK323

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