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Bonnie MacIntyre's Bio:

I learned to crochet from my best friend’s mom when I was 11 – watching her create a chevron bedspread, I was simply fascinated at how quickly the piece came together.  During the next 40+ years, I’ve often come across patterns that I “made design modifications to” simply because I wanted to try a different yarn and/or hook size.  Usually, I just find a stitch (or 2, or 3, or more) and just start crocheting and then decide what the piece will be afterwards (lots and lots of afghans, tote bags and hats lol).  I have learned how to write patterns and create charts, and have a great appreciation for those who have done so before me, because it’s not as easy to write a pattern as it is to just pick up my hook and go! Since coming to work for Cascade Yarns, I’m surrounded by such wonderful yarns to work with, that I am expanding my knowledge base and actually first thinking about what I want to create, and then working out a pattern.  Yes, I know how to knit, but Crochet is and always will be my Favorite! 

128 Superwash
Blackwatch Headband
& Skinny Scarf C250

Bobble Beanie

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Summer Shawl


Offset Scallops Scarf

Waiting On My Hubby Cowl DK312

Ultra Pima Fine
Girlie Accessories

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