Adina Logsdon

Adina Logsdon Bio:

I think my mother tried to teach me once how to knit and crochet but she was right-handed and I was left so, I didn't really pick it up. I believe she still knits and crochets upside down and backwards.

Though it works for her, I never could quite figure out what she was trying to show me. Several years ago a friend of mine let me borrow her spinning wheel and I learned the art of spinning, weaving, and dyeing my own wool and other fibers. I raised and sheared my own sheep. I taught myself how to tat on a dare and then figured out how to knit so I could add to my ever-growing desire to make something out of the wool I spun. I found the whole process relaxing and fun.

Most of my patterns are created for fun and because I have an idea I want to try.

Adina Logsdon Patterns

220 Superwash®
Santa Hat W583 **New**

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220 Superwash® Effects
Purple Thistle Cowl W617 **New**

FREE Download
220 Superwash® Merino
Red Hawk W673 **New**

FREE Download
Cornfield Cowl

FREE Download
Eco Duo
Prairie Wheat Cowl W563

FREE Download
Triticale Lace Scarf
FREE Download
Knockma Hood
FREE Download
Blue Barley B225
FREE Download
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